Thomas Holloway Reidarson, DVM
Diplomate, American College of Zoological Medicine
(Aquaric Specialty)

Reidarson Group

The Reidarson Group's wellness-based approach to medicine provides the highest quality preventive health care and maintenance.  Our programs are specifically created for improving the lives of the marine animals in our care. 

The primary function of the Reidarson Group is to offer quality care through unique medical programs appropriate for your marine species.  Our approach is designed to ensure that animals are given the highest quality care, including routine physical examinations, stress testing, humane and safe pain relief, and superior communication.  

Our group will educate and train your staff how to recognize and identify specific diseases and potential issues in your animals. This enables, not only a greater level of care provided to the animals, but also increases our ability to manage illness with skill and compassion, in a cost-effective and professional manner.