One of the key elements and areas of focus for the Reidarson Group is to train your existing husbandry staff, regardless of their animal background, with the aim of creating astute observers.  To achieve this we have dozens of hours of interactive presentations on medicine, disease detection and diagnostics, reproduction, physiology and many others to help unify medical information for your trainers and keeper staff.


This kind of training dramatically reduces medical cases and identifies potential problems well before they become critical.  With the ever-changing landscape of the marine animal world it is critical that we are a company that adapts and improves our working practices.


We continue to grow and expand to ensure that we not only meet, but surpass our clients needs and expectations. This team is relatively new amid a large number of well-established Caribbean facilities, and as such, is held to the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism.  


This unique group of specialists provides far superior health care services, and as we grow, so will the breadth of services offered to you and your company.